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Changing the oil in your car is one of the best routine maintenance’s you can do to help keep your engine running optimally for years to come. When it comes time to change the oil, many will turn to the cheapest option available, usually, one of the quick lube national chains, thinking, “It’s just an oil change, price doesn’t matter that much, right?” Wrong.

Many things could go wrong by choosing the cheapest oil change service. In this post, we’ll cover just a few of the reasons that you should avoid rock-bottom priced oil change services.

Inexperienced Workers

Most of the workers at these cheap oil change garages are hourly employees with no previous mechanic experience. While changing oil may seem pretty straightforward, these inexperienced mechanics most likely won’t know your specific car and its particular requirements and instead treat it like every other car. This could lead to them overfilling or underfilling your oil, and in some cases, use the wrong type of oil altogether.

Additionally, many car owners have noted that their vehicles have been damaged by shoddy repair work done by these amateur mechanics. Small things such as forgetting to replace the oil fuel cap or even leaving a rag in the engine bay can cause damage to your vehicle as you drive away from the shop. You want to make sure that your car is in trusted hands when you take it in for maintenance, not newbies.

They Could Be Cutting Corners

When it comes to your engine, you want to ensure that only premium oil is going into it. Unfortunately, to cut costs, many of these cheap garages will use off-brand oil that isn’t designed for optimum efficiency and instead just to get by until you have to go in for another oil change.

Sneaky Tactics

If something sounds too good to be true in the automotive repair business, chances are it is. While the initial price to change your oil may seem like an absolute bargain, when you receive the final bill, you might be surprised at the additional costs and unnecessary repairs they might have done without your knowledge.

The most common tactics that these cheap oil change garages will use is to top off coolant and other liquids that aren’t needed. Most of the time, they’ll charge you exorbitant rates only for a few ounces of fluid. Additionally, they may try to replace parts such as your air filter when it was perfectly fine. Be sure you always let them know up front not to do any additional repairs without your expressed permission to avoid any of these extra fees.

Bring Your Car to Trusted Mechanics

Avoid the cheap vehicle service centers and bring your vehicle into the experts at Clutch Auto Repair! We provide our customers with the care and trust they deserve and treat every car we work on with the same care as if they were our own vehicles. Our certified technicians can tackle a multitude of maintenance and repairs from simple oil changes to more complicated repairs.

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