Toyota maintenance tips

Toyotas are known to run for hundreds of thousands of miles, but improper maintenance will lead to costly Toyota 4runner repairs. While every model is different, there are some base tips that Toyota provides so that you can keep your 4runner in tip top shape. Oil Changes Oil and filter changes occur every 5,000 models….

Engine oil change

Oil change intervals seem easy enough to understand: every 3,000 miles or whenever the sticker on your windshield says to come back in. With advancements in oil technology and the advent of synthetic oils, determining when to change a vehicle’s oil isn’t quite as simple anymore. Here are the factors that determine the oil change…

Auto Garage

Customer loyalty is huge these days, and almost every business in every industry is pushing to bring in more customers. It also benefits the customers as well. Think about it; we stick with the same barber for years because we like the conversation and they give a good haircut, we shop at the same grocery…

oil change services

Changing the oil in your car is one of the best routine maintenance’s you can do to help keep your engine running optimally for years to come. When it comes time to change the oil, many will turn to the cheapest option available, usually, one of the quick lube national chains, thinking, “It’s just an…

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