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Detailing is one of the most crucial actions you can take to ensure that your vehicle stays looking fresh and pretty. After years of driving every day, if you fail to detail your car inside and out periodically, it can end up looking like a mess when the time comes to part with the vehicle.

Here are our tips to help you take care of smells, stains, and paint problems in and around your vehicle:


Smells can come from a variety of areas in a car. Aside from going over the entire interior with a vacuum and a rag, you can also make use of deodorizing sprays. A helpful tip: turn your A/C to the “fresh air” setting and spray the deodorizer from the outside of the vehicle into the A/C intake vents. This will allow the air to spread the deodorizer throughout the interior while also cleaning the air vents that could contribute to the nasty smells.


Spilled drinks, muddy shoes, and other dirt and grime can turn an otherwise spotless car into a mess over time. Along with vacuuming your vehicle to pick up the loose dirt and grime, you can also use specialty car interior cleaners that will significantly help you scrub out the deep stains.

If you want a more DIY approach, you can use vinegar and dish soap mixed with water to scrub out stubborn stains although you should avoid soaking the upholstery; excess water built up in the fabric could cause mildew and a nasty, musty smell.

Clear Coat Peeling

Peeling clear coat on the exterior of that car can be a tricky issue and depending on the severity of the damage, it might be best to let professionals handle the issue. If you aren’t afraid of rolling your sleeves up and tackling the problem yourself, you can fix a small clear coat blemish with some sandpaper, painter’s tape, and automotive clear coat spray cans.

Get some 2000 grit sandpaper and get it wet. Then gently sand the surface around the clear coat blemish to make it smooth to match the rest of the car’s finish. Then, surround the area with painter’s tape to avoid overspray. After that, you can then apply multiple thin coats of clear coat using the spray can. Once you’ve built up a good coat, you can then wet sand the area again to make it match the rest of the clear coat on the vehicle.

Waxes and Sealants

To make the outside of your car sparkle and to protect it, we recommend using any one of the hundreds of car waxes available on the market. Simply follow the directions on the bottle and rub the product onto the exterior of your vehicle. Each product will be different and provide a different purpose. Some products will lean heavily on the aesthetic they provide while others will focus more on protecting the clear coat from damages. Determine your needs and choose the one that best fits you.

Let Clutch Auto Repair Detail Your Car

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