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Customer loyalty is huge these days, and almost every business in every industry is pushing to bring in more customers. It also benefits the customers as well. Think about it; we stick with the same barber for years because we like the conversation and they give a good haircut, we shop at the same grocery store because of convenience and prices, and we take our dogs to the same groomer because they do a good job and the dog is comfortable there. So why do so many people jump around to different mechanic garages each time there is a problem with their car?

Here are the four reasons you should stay loyal to one repair garage for all of your vehicle needs.


If you work with the same repair garage for years, they will come to know the ins and outs of your vehicle along with its history or repairs. For smaller shops, they even might be able to recognize the car just as soon as it pulls into the garage. A familiarity with your vehicle and its history will also allow for speedier repairs which in turn will save you money on labor costs for the repair.

Peace of Mind

Building a relationship with your mechanic will give you peace of mind whenever you run into an issue (or an object) with your car. Knowing that you have a shop that you’ve dealt with in the past that offers quality service at a price you’re happy with will take a lot of the stress out of the accident or problem.

Cost Savings

While not guaranteed for all car garages, many mechanics will offer exclusive discounts for repeat customers. Staying loyal to one mechanic or repair garage could qualify you for a loyalty program if the shop provides one which will save you money on repairs as well as regular maintenance work.

Build Trust

Unfortunately, there are many repair garages out there that aren’t entirely ethical in their practices. They’ll overcharge for small things like topping off fluid levels and will sometimes even perform repairs that you didn’t authorize yet still expect you to pay.

Once you’ve found a repair garage that you can trust to do a great job while also fixing only the things needed to keep your car running optimally will save you from unnecessary added stress as well as money in the long run. You rely on your vehicle to get you where you need to be every day so you should be sure that you’re placing it in trusted hands.

Let Us Handle All of Your Car Needs!

Bring your vehicle to the experts at Clutch Auto Repair! From simple maintenance work to more extensive repairs, our certified technicians will treat your vehicle with care as if it were one of our own cars! We offer quality services at affordable prices, and we are always running specialty coupons to help you get the most for your money.

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