Toyota maintenance tips

Toyotas are known to run for hundreds of thousands of miles, but improper maintenance will lead to costly Toyota 4runner repairs. While every model is different, there are some base tips that Toyota provides so that you can keep your 4runner in tip top shape.

Oil Changes

Oil and filter changes occur every 5,000 models. If you’re used to 3,000-mile oil changes, you can still replace your oil this quickly, but it’s not necessary.

Spark Plugs

Off of the lot, it’s recommended to change your spark plugs every 30,000 miles. If you use platinum spark plugs, you may be able to reduce this frequency to 50,000 miles or more in some cases. Manufacturer installed plugs will only last 30,000 miles, aftermarket plugs tend to last much longer.

Cabin Air Filter

Cabin air filters need to be changed approximately every 60,000 miles. This is different than the traditional air filter.

Air Filter Element

The air filter element will need to be changed at the same time as your cabin air filter, about every 60,000 miles. The best part is that this is a cheap maintenance concern and only takes a few minutes to swap out.

Cooling System

Your vehicle’s cooling system must be drained, flushed and refilled every 100,000 miles.

Inspections and Lubricants

After a vehicle has hit 25,000 miles, you’ll want to check:
• Hoses
• Belts

These items will wear in time and need to be replaced if necessary. Your brakes should also be examined and replaced accordingly.

Lubricating driveshaft joints is recommended every 20,000 miles for best results.
Your 4runner will have its own guide on recommended maintenance frequencies. Always consult with your guide to follow the right maintenance intervals.

Recalls and Common Issues

Recalls are common with every vehicle, but different models will have more issues than others. If you’re having a problem with your 4runner and need a costly repair, it’s a good idea to view the latest recalls.

View recalls here.

Common issues can also be researched online. This is a good way to see if you have a common issue that’s easily fixed, or if you need to consult with a mechanic.
When maintaining your vehicle, make sure that you keep detailed records. This way, you have a record of all maintenance performed if you sell the vehicle in the future. Even with the utmost in maintenance, there is still a chance that your vehicle will need a costly repair in the future.

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