oil change services

Changing the oil in your car is one of the best routine maintenance’s you can do to help keep your engine running optimally for years to come. When it comes time to change the oil, many will turn to the cheapest option available, usually, one of the quick lube national chains, thinking, “It’s just an…

Car mechanic at work

Many people are intimidated by the thought of doing any maintenance work on their vehicle and would rather ignore a problem just to avoid having to lift the hood. While some repairs should be left to professionals, there are many maintenance tips and tricks that anyone can do. Checking Your Oil This tip is super…

Hybrid Car

If you drive a hybrid car and are like most hybrid owners, you’re probably in love with your vehicle. Hybrids are great vehicles to drive on a daily basis and provide a great driving experience and excellent eco-benefits that not only help the earth but your wallet too. Hybrids like the Toyota Prius drive and…

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